Uno!, the first of Green Day’s new trilogy of albums is coming out later this month and the video for its second single, “Kill The DJ” (not to be confused with Nicki Minaj’s “Kill da DJ”) was just released today.

With twangy guitar tones light on the overdrive, and falsetto-seasoned vocals, The song sounds more like a Foxboro Hot Tubs tune than a Green Day single. It’s a little bit rock n roll and a pinch of disco, but is wholly boring and thoroughly uninspired.

It’s hard to tell whether the pseudo-anthemic chorus line “Someone kill the DJ, shoot the fucking DJ” is supposed to funny and ironic, or an actual call for the end of EDM as we know it through the kind of violence the band condemned in their 2009 hit, “21 Guns”.

Whatever the intent is behind the lyrics (if any), it doesn’t change the fact that “Kill the DJ” is a pretty bland song with a bland video and that plenty of EDM groups with a fraction of Green Day’s resources are producing far more interesting music than this.

But maybe that’s the joke? Hell if I know.

The single isn’t a complete waste. It’s light, catchy, and is the kind of thing I could hear echoing through every mall across America if it weren’t for that naughty F-word that pops up four times per chorus (delivered by Armstrong with a complete absence of emotion). Lackluster though it may be, “Kill the DJ” at least hints at a (sort of) new musical direction for the band, and while the three albums worth of material they’ve prepared likely has plenty of filler and fluff, there’s bound to be a few gems in there somewhere. And hey, at least it’s not American Idiot Part III. 

Now I’ll anxiously await the even more ironic flood of remixes that this song is about to spawn.

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